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St Vincent Hospital

Radiation oncology department upgrades formwork package.

The Australian Government provided the funding to improve therapy for thousands of cancer patients. The new equipment allows the radiation oncologists to offer patients truly personalized, and adaptive radiation therapy. We were awarded the formwork package to upgrade the site to install new equipment.

The challenges we overcame in this project.

Trueform was awarded the job to upgrade radiotherapy rooms. It was a challenging job because we had to form, steel up and pour walls/floors that are 11 meters thick to keep radiation inside a room. Due to the thickness of the walls/floor, it means there’s an excessive amount of pressure on formwork. Any mistake could cause a massive blow out causing damage and costing more money and time. Thus, we had to make sure our formwork is as safe as possible, and we had no room for error. Due to the radiation treatment times, we had to work at specific times and hours regardless of any other situation. However, We overcame all these obstacles, and we achieved our goals in the right way.

The services accomplished

  1. The room department
  2. Finish all concrete work and strip formwork 
  3. Open for a new radiation device to be craned in.
  4. Steel up and pour parapet walls that we formed
  5. Finalize the top view facing down
  6. Parapet walls stripped and pour mass concrete inside them
  7. Formwork stripped around parapet walls and filled concrete around