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Childcare Grosvenor Road Lindfield

Childcare – 29 Grosvenor Road Lindfield

Formwork steel concrete and wall Lump-sum package for childcare 

This job is for one of our old builders we have been doing work for 30+ years. We deal with engineers and suppliers to help change designs and cut costs if we can without disregarding safety and quality. He keeps calling us because he knows we can save him money due to our experience and the immense relationships we have in the industry.

The services accomplished

We built the whole structure up from the ground OSD tanks, raft slabs columns walls, staircases, and lift shafts. We have also done the ramps, kerb, gutter, footpaths, and walkways.

  1. Install steel and get them ready to pour
  2. Pour OSD and strip formwork 
  3. Form up the lift base and get it ready for concrete
  4. Bondek installed on tank and plastic and steel laid for slab
  5. Pour slabs  
  6. Finish concrete
  7. unload material to start the next level
  8. Streel fixers start beams and build next level
  9. Finalize suspended slabs 
  10. Finalize the front view  
  11. Finalize the side view external concrete