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Australian Chinese Community Hall

The Fuqing Australian Chinese Community Hall

88 Adderley Street W, Auburn, NSW 2144 – April 2018

The importance of this project 

The Australian Fuqing Association is one of the largest Chinese community associations in New South Wales. The principal aim of this Association is to serve the Fuqing Australian Chinese community, to promote friendship, economic and cultural exchange between China and Australia, and to foster a better working relationship between Australians and Fuqing Chinese in Fuqing City.  

Our wide-ranging experience and honesty got us the job. 

Trueform got the Formwork, Steel-fixing & Concreting package. Trueform was referred and was chosen to do the work because of our vast tradesman and our extensive knowledge in the construction (formwork steel-fixing & Concrete) industry. We don’t only do what is expected of us. However, we go beyond, work with the builder, engineers, and other parties to get whatever is required done in the safest and best quality possible. These are the services we accomplished in this job:

  1. Final pour concreters finish the staircase
  2. Finalize the last floor 
  3. Formwork for half circle column
  4. Built platform stripping formwork safely 
  5. Formwork stripped
  6. Finalize the front view columns and semi-circle walls  
  7. Load material out
  8. Job complete craning material down
  9. External staircases getting formed